4 September 2015

LIFE: Washouse Manchester

I'm always on the look out for new places to go, and when I heard about Washhouse, I knew it had to be on my list.  Its owned by the same guys as The Laundrette in Chorlton, which is one of my fave places, but the great thing about Washhouse is that it's secret, and they make you work to get in!!

You have to find the phone number (their website is designed to look as though its for a laundrette), call and ask to book a machine to wash a certain number of items of clothes (people) and they will call you back to confirm your booking.  I'm not going to post the web address or the phone number as half the fun is finding it, but I promise you won't be disappointed with the cocktails if you do manage to get a table!

The front of the bar is designed to again look like a laundrette, with a phone on one side which just says "Press Me".  Feeling all Alice In Wonderland, I told the person on the other end of the line that I had a machine booked to wash 2 items of clothing and the door opened!

I promise you  will not be disappointed with the cocktails, in fact they were pretty damn amazing.  The menu caters for every taste and each one (and we had a fair few) was mega!!

This was my favourite, Fools Gold, a mix of Rhubarb gin, ginger liqueur and vermouth.  Quite possibly the strongest cocktail I've ever tasted but that was over ridden by the mini ice cream which it came with!!

Another one I tried which I loved was Let Them Eat Cake, a creamy mix of gin, sloe gin, elderflower and cardamom infused apple juice, topped of with a lil piece of Battenberg cake!!  Literally divine, especially for a gin lover like me!

I'd totally recommend Washhouse.  Despite the quirky nature of having to get in, the cocktails are amazing, and the vibe is really chilled.  The place only fits about 50 people, so is really intimate, with black leather booths and a DJ playing some really cool tunes.  You only get tables for 2 hours, so its a great place to do as a 1st or last stop, I know I'll definitely be booking for our next girls night.

Good luck finding it, let me know what you think!

28 August 2015

LIFE: Manchester Fashion Industry Blue Hues Event

A few weeks ago, the lovely guys at Manchester Fashion Industry invited me along to their SS15 Blue Hues Event.  The idea behind MFI is to bring together the thriving fashion, beauty and retail community in this amazing city of mine through various fashion based  events and networking opportunities.  I've been to a few of their events before which are always great fun, the best being the launch of David Beckham Haig Club Whisky at Selfridges!

The theme of this event was blue, and this was grabbed by both hands by everyone who attended.  I wore a petrol blue scuba dress by ASOS, which was a nightmare to find as I just do not suit blue!!  I took along one of my best friends Kate, who is by standard plus one at all fashion events and set off on a gorgeous Mancunian sunny evening to the pre party at Restaurant Bar and Grill.  

We were greeted by a blue carpet, and goody bags and cupcakes, and made our way to the RBG terrace, which is one of my favourite venues in the city.  We arrived quite late due to Kate being involved in a world record breaking attempt during the day, and it was already heaving.

The fashion show of the night showcased Maniere De Voir  and Esperar Boutique, but unfortunately, due to the number of people who were there, and the fact that the catwalk was just a makeshift aisle through the terrace, we couldn't see anything.  I actually ended up watching half of it through another bloggers camera viewfinder as she held her camera in the air!

We had a great night at the event, and at the party at Milton Club after, but it was a shame that the fashion show, which should be the focal point of any fashion event, ended up not being seen by a huge amount of people.  As great as RBG Terrace is as a venue, I just don't think it worked for this event.  As MFI events get more popular, there will only be more people, so there should really be an organised catwalk.  I know the fashion industry in Manchester would want to see that.

Apologies for the quality of these photos, they're all from my iPhone as I forgot my camera ...... bad blogger!

26 August 2015

STYLE: ASOS Holiday Haul

Long time no speak.  Again, life and work have taken over and blogging has taken a back seat.  However, I've got quite a few things lined up to talk to you  about!

Firstly being my holiday to Ibiza at the end of September which I am ridiculously excited about.  Ibiza holds a very special place in my heart.  I've been going for 16 years, pretty much every year, and to me its the perfect mix of epic parties, cool places to chill and most of all, the the most beautiful sunsets ever.  Every year I have an epiphany watching the sunset, and after having one of the most turbulent years of my life, I'm looking forward to some clarity!  I've been so up and down this year, I need the break to make some plans....... here's hoping the sunset does its usual job!

Anyway, enough of the spirituality, and onto my wardrobe!  Normally when I go away I know exactly what I want to take, and just need to find it, but this year I have no idea, other than I want a baggy off the shoulder black dress which is seeming impossible to find (if anyone knows any, please leave a comment!!).  Anyway, I did a lil shop on the ASOS sale and this is what I bought.






If anyone follows me on Instagram (link in my left bar of here ) you'll know that I'm pretty obsessed with sunglasses (and shoes, and bags and coats!) so there was absolutely no need to buy another pair when I own 27 (!) but I loved these!!

I'd love to know what you  think of this little lot, looking forward to my delivery arriving today - thank God for ASOS Premier!

24 July 2015

STYLE: New Online Site - Nastydress

Just a quick post today to tell you about a site I found from my sick bed yesterday, Nastydress. Despite reservations about the name, I clicked on it, and was really impressed with some of the things I found.  

Apologies for the quality of the photos here, they're just taken from the site, but I'll shoot them myself when they arrive.......... if I like them!!

The 1st thing I bought was this maxi dress, which I thought would be great when I go to Ibiza in September.  I love the colours on this, and thought it was quite unusual, and seeing as I hate wearing anything other people have, its right up my street.  It comes in a few different colour ways too, and was only £8.77!!  In fact I bought 3 dresses and a swimsuit for £32!!  I don't expect the quality to be amazing for that price, but it'll be fine for hols I hope.

The next thing is this beautiful bright coral dress.  I love the shape of this, although I am worried about the material.  It says chiffon, but looks more of a stiff material on the image, so I'm not sure this will look anything like this!  It come in 5 other colours, including yellow which I'm kicking myself about not getting, but for only £9.06, I can order all colours if I want!!  I'm hoping this will look amazing with a tan and gold accessories.

The last thing I ordered is this asymmetric dress.I had one like this from asos, but had a slight accident with a pick cocktail, and it never recovered, so I've been on the look out for a while, until I stumbled upon this for only £8.61!!  

I am really hoping these dresses are like they are in the pictures, as I will have got some bargains, but if they're not, I've not spent that much and can always Depop them.

I'll let you know when they arrive!

Anyone found any great new online stores recently?

16 July 2015

STYLE: Leather Biker Jacket

Its pay day, and whilst that normally means shoes to me (in fact most days mean shoes to me!), I've treated myself to a new leather jacket.

I've been after a new biker jacket for months, but couldn't find one that was quite right.  I wanted the standard motorcycle panels on the shoulder, but not all the way down the arm, I didn't want a belt and it had to be real leather and not look cheap ............ picky, moi???

Anyone who knows me, or has seen any of my social media, knows that a standard outfit for me involves a leather jacket and a fedora, whether that's with jeans or with a dress, so I didn't mind how much I spent, as I know its an investment piece for me, and I'll wear it until it wears out!

I found this one on asos, and thought it looked great, and just what I was looking for. 

 I've got another leather jacket by Barneys Original , from IL2L (here) and the leather is buttery soft and a great fit so I was ecstatic, even more so when I saw it was in the sale reduced from £190 to £98!!

Now that's a pay day treat!!!

15 July 2015

EATS: Northern Quarter Restaurant Manchester - Sunday Lunch

A few weeks ago, I asked the lovely M-DOG (follow him on Twitter here) from Manchester Dining Offers Guide for a recommendation for the best Sunday Roast in Manchester, and was told to try The Northern Quarter Restaurant.  I follow M-DOG on Twitter and often LOL at his tweets and love his reviews, so thought I'd take this recco and run with it.  I go out in the Northern Quarter A LOT, but have never been in TNQ, so it killed 2 birds with 1 stone:  a great Sunday lunch and a new place to try!

It was a glorious sunny day in Mancunia (we don't get many so we need to make the most of every one), and the restaurant was quite quiet as I guess everyone else was enjoying BBQ season.

The deal at TNQ is £13.95 for 2 courses, which I though was great value.  

I started with the Beetroot and Goats Cheese salad which was delicious,

and the boy had Peach and Prosciutto salad.  It looked gorgeous, but he said he would not pay the £7.95 it would be as standard in the restaurant, but within the Sunday deal it was OK (he's an accountant and likes to complain about money!!)

For mains, we both went for the Sunday Dinner (obvs), me having beef, him having Suckling Pig.  Both were served with Garlic & Duck Fat Roast Potatoes, Honey Roasted Parsnips, Greens, Cauliflower Cheese, Carrot & Swede Mash, lashings of home made gravy and amazing Yorkshire Puddings!! I am obsessed with cauliflower cheese and think this should be served with every meal, not just a roast, so I had a huge smile on my dial!

Rump beef dinner

Barry Pugh's Famous Suckling Pig

The EPIC cauliflower cheese!

All in all, I was really impressed with the food.  The total bill was about £56, which included 4 drinks.  Drinks are expensive, but not too much in comparison to other restaurants, it just makes it look expensive when the food deal is so good!!  I'd definitely go back for Sunday dinner, but I'm not sure I would for a Friday/Saturday night meal, as I prefer my restaurants with a bit more atmosphere, but for a roast dinner, this is definitely up there with the best in Manchester! TNQ and M-DOG, I salute you!

If anyone has any other great recommendations for Manchester Restaurants, I'd love to hear them!

7 July 2015

STYLE: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Rosie HW is definitely my girl crush.  She's just flawless and gives me hair and wardrobe envy constantly.  I love this look on her from the Vogue Gala in Paris last night. All black, simple, classic with a twist, very much my style.

The best thing about this outfit, is its pretty simple to copy, just a black tube skirt and either a piece of material, or scarf/sarong, and hey presto.  I'm 100% certain I won't look a patch on Rosie, but I'll be getting my creative on to copy this look.

Who's your style crush?

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