14 February 2015

LIFE : love .......

I'm not one for the schmaltz of Valantines Day but if the last 6 months has taught me anything, it's to love yourself.

Love yourself and everything else will fall into place.  And wear red lipstick, you'll look hot!!

Happy Valantines Day xx


10 February 2015

STYLE: A New Do!

Anyone who follows me on Twitter (_JustMeeDee_) knows that I’ve been going on for ages about having a new hair do.  Its been long and various degrees of Ombre since I lived in Cape Town, and I was ready for a change.  I’ve mentioned before that the end of 2014 threw some pretty crappy stuff at me, so I was associating a new hair do, rightly or wrongly, with a new start.

Anyway, this is me at Christmas, long, ombre, and hows its been for ages!

After a lot of procrastinating, which I have found recently I am VERY good at, I decided that I wanted a total change, and fiery red head like Emma Stone was just what I needed.  So, off I toddled on Saturday, armed with my photo.  Unfortunately, due to years of colouring, bleaching, straightening, and general bad activity, my hair wouldn’t take the red as a full head as it looked slightly peach and patchy when my hairdresser did the strand test, and as much as I liked it, I didn’t think a full head of it would look good!!  I’d also been wanting a shorter doo for ages, but thought, as my hairs super thin, it would look straggly so had always changed by mind.  Anyway, this time, I had no choice, as 6 inches was lobbed off to make it in a much healthier condition, leaving me with the messy long bob I’d wanted, but not had the guts to do!!  Colour wise, as I couldn’t go red, I went for a more blond colour, still leaving roots (Debbie Harry is my ultimate hair icon, I love that dirty, rock star look), with some copper highlights in it, so give it the pinky/peachy look I liked, and making the ends really blonde.

Overall, I’m really happy with it.  It looks tonnes healthier, give me the different look I wanted, but is also a style I don’t need to hugely keep on top of, as it’ll look better in my opinion as it begins to grown out.  However, I love the white blonde at the end, so am thinking, I've gone that far, why not go all the way ....... I wanted a new lifestyle as well as new hair ........

5 February 2015

EATS - Neighbourhood Manchester

Sorry I've been MIA, I've been away with work and it's been craaaaaaaazy!! But great, but I'll talk about that another time!!

Last Thursday my friend and I went to Neighbourhood in Manchester for a long overdue catch up and their great deal of 2 courses and a cocktail for £20.  Now I'm not sure if this deal was for January only as it's not on their website, but I'd recommend it if it's still on and you can eat before 7 Monday to Thursday!

Neighbourhood is one if my fave places to go out for drinks in Manchester (anywhere that encourages dancing on tables is up there in my opinion), but I've never eaten there til last week ..... But boy is that going to change; the food was OUTSTANDING!!!!!!

We started with cocktails and both had Strawberry Martinis which were lush and a real treat after a dry January (yes we did cheap and finish a few days early!)

I had lobster tacos to start, and seeing as I'd never had lobster before I was really impressed. The tacos were small but the lobster was the majority of it, and they were just the right size to not be over facing. I did feel a bit mean when I went to the bathroom later on and saw the lobsters in the ice tray tho!!

For mains we both had Steak Frites, which for the prices was great value. I thought my steak was big but Kate's was huge!!  It was a little oily for my liking, but was cooked to perfection.

I'll definitely be eating here again. It's one if my fave girls night out places so I think food will defo need to be included next time we're there!

23 January 2015

STYLE: ASOS Wishlist

Working from home is a nightmare for me.  Not only have I learnt I am the biggest procrastinator ever, but I always get sucked into the online shopping habit……………. In fact that’s a lie, it's not just working from home that does that, it’s a serious habit all the time!!

Anyway, I’ve just had a little shop on ASOS and thought I’d share what I’ve bought.  If any of you don’t know, I lived in Cape Town for a while, and we’ve just booked to go back in April, so if that’s not a valid reason for a little wardrobe update, nothing is!!  April will be going into winter over there (winter being about 17°!), so I’ve tried to buy stuff which will do for that, and for when I go to Ibiza in September (35 weeks and counting!).

I love the longer length of this dark denim Victor skirt, although I'm slightly concerned that at only 5 ft 2, it will not look anything like this on me!!

After being inspired by all of the Alexa Chung AG Collection denim, I thought this playsuit would be great for a day to night look with my ASOS boots of dreams (see here).  I'm slightly obsessed with Alexa and denim, so any channelling of her is a big tick in my book!

OK, so this wasn't bought solely for holiday, as I'm pretty sure I'll be wearing it as soon as it arrives, as its sooooo my  style! I'm a real dress and boots girl for both day and night, and love olive and all things khaki (check out my insta for the jacket I've fallen in love with........ its men's and £595 but who cares, I'm having it!), so this is right up my boulevard!  In fact, I already have this dress in black and wear it to death!!

Two things which I love are stripes and Monki.  Its always the 1st shop I hit every time I'm in London, and I never fail to come out with something!  This dress is the bomb!!  In fact, as I've got ASOS Premier (the perfect antidote to I've not got anything to wear crisis days!), I'll be wearing this on Sunday for lunch with the girls, pretty much styled as this, as I'm loving socks and shoes at the mo!!

I'd love to know what you think of my haul!!  Happy Friday everyone!

20 January 2015

EATS - Home Sweet Home -Manchester

This weekend was all about fun with my girlfriends; which believe me was a long time coming.  I left my old job in December, and after a nightmare end to 2014 (read more about that here) didn't get to have a leaving do. My best friend from work left on Friday so all my old team came out too and we had a joint leaving do. We went to Holdfast, a new pop up bar in the Northern  Quarter. It's a very random bar, but I like quirky, and we commandeered the games room complete with Sega video games and the DJ decks.  I'll definitely be going again, the cocktails were too die for!!!

Anyway, to the food.  I stay in Manchester quite a lot either with friends or in one if the many apartments around the city centre (tip, leave it til the day before and you can get a steal. I once got a £350 apt that sleeps 4 for £70!). Staying in Manchester means the standard breakfast the next day, and I'm pretty proud to say I can point anyone in the direction if the best Eggs Benedict around, and that's Home Sweet Home!

A table which screams hangover!

4 hungover girls meant a table full of food. I had the Eggs Cali which is an Eggs Benedict with Avocado and Salmon and hot sauce, and is honestly one of my fave breakfasts ever!  I was still trying to be healthy eating this, but then got sidetracked…………. Another highlight are the loaded fries, basically the hangover food of dreams as its chips with cheese and bacon, and believe me, it was needed!!  The menu is great all day, not just breakfast (see here) and I'd totally recommend the Brisket Mac Melt for a dinner...................... my mouths watering thinking about it!

Another Home Sweet Home gem are the cakes.  Now I forgot to take photos of the cakes, as I left in a total food coma, but they can only be described as door stops, they are huge!!  They're made fresh each day by Bake-O-Rama and need to be eaten to be believed.  I'm not a cake fan at all, and these cakes are the only ones I'll eat!!  Sat in the window of Home Sweet Home on a Saturday afternoon with a coffee, cake, my mates and a fashion mag are my standard fare (when I'm not watching football!).

The Bill was £60 between 4 of us, but seeing as there were Bloody Marys and endless pints of coke on there, we thought that was really good!!

You really should try Home Sweet Home, I can honestly says it’s my little slice of cake and breakfast heaven in the Northern Quarter!!

18 January 2015

STYLE: Hat Lovin

My friends have always called me the Queen of Accessories, but in the past 2 years I've become obsessed with hats, so much so it's very rare you see me without one! So much so that when I went out for lunch with a friend last week, she said she knew I was arriving when she saw a fedora walk past the window!!

I've got a small head, so I favour a trilby or a baker boy, but fedoras and big floppy 70s style hats are quickly becoming a wardrobe staple. Then, you can never go wrong with a bobble, I'm from Manchester, and it's ALWAYS cold, so a bobbles standard!! 2014 was definitely the year of the hat, and I can't wait to to add to my collection in 2015!! Now, anyone got any ideas where I can buy a top hat from?!?!?

13 January 2015

STYLE: Tips for Shopping The Sales

If you don’t know, I have my own personal shopping and styling business.  I was building it up before I moved to Cape Town, but it’s been left in the shadows a bit after the hell of 2014 which I mentioned here.  I still have a lot of clients, and work with friends and family, but I aim to get this off the ground again in 2015, so thought I’d combine my knowledge from that with my blog and put together a post on how to shop in the sales.


Check out your wardrobe before you go shopping, look at what gaps you have to work out what you need, look at anything which either doesn’t fit or is looking a bit shabby to work out what you need to replace, and then think about what trend pieces you can add to update your wardrobe.


It’s easy to say don’t get distracted by ‘amazing bargains’ that aren’t on your list, but as a shopaholic who’s also a stylist, even I know this isn’t possible!  Just focus on what is essential, and what budget you have.  The green fur coat might be half price and look great, but if its £100 and you know you’ll only wear it once, it’s an expensive splurge vs the black boots you know you’ll wear 100 times!  I always think if you wouldn’t pay full price for it, why buy it on sale?  I’ve seen so many wardrobes (mine included!) which have items with tags still on, which is a lot of expensive mistakes.  On wardrobe consultations I always add up the amount spent on clothes with tags still on, and it often scares people.  I did this in my own wardrobe first and realised I could have bought the Louboutins I really wanted but couldn’t afford, so now I always 2nd guess what I’m buying and if I’m not sure, walk away, and put the money in my savings pot.  Now I’ve got the money to buy Loubs each year without realising!!


Having said all that, a sensible wardrobe is a boring one!!  Fashion, style and shopping are about fun.  But just know how much fun you can afford!  If you’ve got a certain amount of money you can afford to spend, do buy something crazy.  The green fur coat will always make you smile more than the black boots!!

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